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    IO, SchoolCity and Alpine
  • 100,000+ Formative Assessment Items (K-12)
    ELA and Math Plus State-Specific History and Science
    Hundreds of Items Added Monthly
    500+ Pre-Built Assessments
    Aligned to College and Career Readiness Standards
    Innovative Technology-Enhanced Item Types
    Spanish-Transadapted and Translated Assessments
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    Rigorous Prebuilt Assessments and Performance Tasks
    Connects Specific Relationships Among PEs, SEPs, DCIs, and CCs
    Written to Address NGSS, Elicit Evidence of Learning, and Demand Higher-Order Thinking
    Embeds Alignments to College and Career Readiness Standards in ELA and Math
    Allows for Flexible Organization of Modules to Match Your Scope and Sequence
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    Formative Feedback
    Rigorous Content
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    Technology-Enhanced Items
    Enables Data-Driven Decisions
    Comprehensive Rubrics
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    Distractor Rationales
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    Ready-to-Use Assessments
    Over 500 pre-built assessments including
    Comprehensives, End-of-Year, Formatives,
    Performance Tasks, Diagnostics, Benchmarks, and more
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